Atmos in metadata

Hi. I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but why do I see Dolby True HD instead of Atmos in my Atmos movies’ details? Since mrmc shows atmos normally after reading metadata I was under the impression that Infuse would too. Thanks in advance for any answer!

Apple does not provide the API’s to allow InFuse to play Atmos directly - instead it has to convert to the best it can utilise. MrMc can do this because it uses the Apple media player thus by-passing the lack of API support.

Thanks for your reply. My concern is not Atmos playback but it’s lack of appearance in a movies details. For example with mrmc I get, HEVC 4K / ATMOS badge in my movie details next to its pg rating or running time, whereas in Infuse I get Dolby TrueHD. Apart from the actual playback format, I would like to see the correct audio stream of each movie instead of the converted format.

Currently, Infuse will display the audio format it’s capable of playing.

In this case, when playing these videos, Infuse will play the TrueHD audio. Unfortunately, no apps on the Apple TV currently support TrueHD + Atmos due to limitations in tvOS. For this reason, Infuse will not list Atmos in the metadata as it would simply lead to confusion.

You may have seen this thread (Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV) but we’re encouraging people to submit feedback to Apple in the hope they will allow for more flexible audio options in the future.

Ah ic thanks for clarifying that!

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