Atmos in eac3 only working for some files

I’m on an Apple TV 4k on TVOS 14.5, Infuse Pro 6.6.4 (3552), with an LG 65C9 over eARC into a Pioneer VSX-LX503 receiver.

I’ve noticed that some Dolby Digital Plus Atmos samples aren’t working with Infuse on the ATV4k, for instance some of the samples here: Dolby Trailers - The Digital Theater

Of the ones tested, the Chameleon, Core Universe, and Dolby Cinema - Universe samples only pass 7.1 LPCM to the receiver, while the Nature’s Fury video passes Atmos properly. I have made sure the DD Plus track is selected in Infuse, but just to make sure it’s not some glitch with other tracks interfering, I also tested by remuxing the Chameleon sample into mkv with only the eac3 track with same results.

I noticed that the ones that don’t work show eac3 8 channels in MediaInfo, whereas the ones that work show 6 channels, don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

This happens with the Dolby demos. Post the media info. I found if the track contains both TrueHD and eac3 atmos it doesn’t work. The same problem occurs on my nvidia shield TV which supports pass through. Dolby buggered up the encodes.

Thanks for this info, had no idea, was bewildered as to why some of my trailers with multiple audio tracks didn’t play in atmos.

Edited the tracks to have the one atmos E-AC-3 track, doesn’t work, still triggering just LPCM, anything to do with the 7.1 set up? Maybe only works with 5.1 E-AC-3?

I have webrips with 7.1 atmos that work. It’s the trailers. Something is botched in the encode. They didn’t play right with nvidia shield tv either.

Do you have a sample you can share? The trailers play fine on my AVR when bitstreaming through Windows.

No I don’t.

This issue was addressed here. It’s an issue with the AppleTV itself and the way atmos was implemented in these files. I’m assuming nvidia handles it the same way.

Say no more, anyway, all my media is in DD 5.1 with Atmos so not too emotional about it myself.