Atmos impedes fast forward Apple TV

I have noticed that when watching a video with an ATMOS audio track the jump forward and fast forward stall playback. jumping forward seems to work i.e. the time position changed appropriately, but play back does not resume. The video just freezes.

Yes. This has been happening for months. In my case, the problem seems to only appear with Atmos and 1080p. (I have a Panasonic plasma TV – no 4K, HDR, etc.) Atmos and 720p seem OK. My connection is NFS direct to a Synology NAS.

After a jump back, sometimes the video will unfreeze after a few seconds, but usually I have to hit pause and then play to get it working.

I don’t have a lot of 1080p Atmos stuff, so I’ve mostly ignored the problem.

Yes. All my problem files are 1080p ATMOS files.
They are increasingly common now.

7.6 seems to have resolved this. Brilliant.

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