Atmos Apple tv4k

Hey, new here, just got Apple TV 4 I had enaught of Android
I can’t get atmos playing with infuse, I don’t see the option to get the HDMI pass though anymore in infuse 6.3.4.
I only have PCM, even for my atmos content.
I got the pcm part, which is dd+ or others in lossless audio.
But why my atms doesn’t come ¿ is it because my atmos track might not be EAC3

Thanks for help

Welcome to the forum!

Apple has been changing the playing field and taken away the pass thru and changed many things.

There is a tacked thread at the top of this forum here Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV that goes through the evolution of things to current times and also gives you contact suggestions to get things back to where they were. Also in the last several pages of that thread cover lots of good info.