Atmos and Bitstream

Are there plans for Atmos and/or true Bitstream support. I assume support is limited to Apple TV but wondering if this is on the table.

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Currently this is limited by the APIs available on the Apple TV, as Apple does not currently allow for the extra metadata required for Atmos/DTS:X to be sent from the Apple TV.

Apple has hinted that Atmos may be supported in the future, and we’ll be sure to take full advantage if/when this happens.

Can’t wait for this!

Just got an Anthem AVM60 so DYING for this.

Ditto on Atmos… can’t wait. Apple TV 4K’s (3 of them: master, living, theater) will be my only device for 99% of my watching once I have:

  1. full Plex server library access for 4K HEVC direct streaming (can’t wait for Infuse 5.7), and
  2. Dolby Atmos support (come on, Apple!)

Direct streaming 4K and HDR is more important than Atmos, so I’m a happy camper once 5.7 drops. Thank you, Firecore!!!

Now that Apple has announced support for Atmos, any idea when this will be updated to Infuse? Also will there be a bitstreaming option available?

James stated that the first developer beta of tvOS 12 did not contain the Atmos feature. So we’ll have to wait it out till the next beta version comes.

Is Apple actively BLOCKING Atmos and dts:X metadata? Or is it simply that they block ANY metadata other than supported metadata such as DD?

Apps need to use one of the available ‘pipes’ for sending video/audio, and Apple simply doesn’t have a pipe that works with Atmos/DTS:X right now.

There’s a thread where the details of the Atmos announcement from yesterday are being discussed, and I’d encourage you to continue the discussion there.

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