AT2 4.4.2 - Tethered Questions about LAN and Sleep now

Hey folks,

I’m new to jailbreaking my AppleTV 2 and got two questions to which I didn’t find the answer with the search function.

I’m AppleTV is running 4.4.2 for which, as far as I understand, there is only a tethered jailbreak available.

My first question is, if I put my ATV to sleep with the “Sleep Now” button in the ATV menu … does that mean I have to connect it to the computer again afterwards? Or would it still start up fine afterwards without the PC connection? I don’t know if the ATV actually completely shuts off with the “Sleep Now” button or not.

Second question, would jailbreaking the ATV also work via a LAN connection? Or does it have to be connected via a micro USB cable?

Thanks a bunch in advance for the help! :slight_smile:

No - putting the ATV2 to sleep does not mean it needs  a tethered reboot afterwards (it is really only going into a standbye mode).   The tethered reboot is only required after a power loss or a hard reboot.

Jailbreaking only works over the micro USB link.  

Thank you very much for the quick reply!! Very helpful. :slight_smile:

I had the same question in my mind!I think that sleep now means apple tv close and not go to stand by mode.For this i am with 4.3 jailbreak.Ok now i’m going to download latest firmware for apple tv and jailbreak it.I have my apple tv to ups and never had a problem at my home with power failure.

Thanks for the info!