Assistance needed with naming files of TV Series that Infuse consistently fails to scrape correctly from TMDB

I come to Infuse from a Kodi background, and still consistently scrape and save accurate, customized metadata (.nfo, .jpg, .srt) in the same folders with all my media files, which are stored and accessed throughout my home via shares on my Synology NAS.

Unfortunately, Infuse does not recognize local .nfo file for TV Series as it does for Movies, so none of the work I do manually gathering metadata helps when it comes to adding television series and show titles to Infuse.

Knowing this, I’ve mostly trashed the entirety of my previously acquired metadata for my television collection (which currently consists of approximately 170 different shows or series and nearly 6000 episodes all together) and re-downloaded it all exclusively via TMDB to play nice with Infuse.

I’ve also renamed my series and episodes to make Infuse’s job as easy as possible when rebuilding its libraries on my various TVOS and iOS devices.

Frustratingly I’ve found Infuse encounters very high failure rates for any series beginning with the word “The” if the folders and files are named in an alphabetizing friendly fashion: i.e. “Young Pope, The” or “Mandalorian, The” instead of “The Young Pope” and “The Mandalorian” … so I resigned myself to renaming all episodes and folders of the 40 some series in my collection which have names beginning in “The”. I’d really wish that sort of thing could easily be worked around by Infuse when scraping TMDB but sadly this does not seem to be the case.

I also find Infuse fails far too frequently when scraping TV shows where one would normally differentiate different versions of franchise properties by appending the year: For example, the original Twilight Zone and it’s THREE subsequent revivals: If I append the year to the folder and file names, no episodes are successfully identified. If I leave the year off, all are added to the 1959 edition (regardless if they are correctly part of the 1959 series or actually from the later 1985, 2002, or 2019 revivals).

I frankly can’t understand why it is seemingly impossible to correctly identify files named and sorted in this manner:

(My Network Share)/TV/The Twilight Zone (1985)/The Twilight Zone (1985) · S1E01 · Shatterday (1985).mkv
(My Network Share)/TV/The Twilight Zone (2002)/The Twilight Zone (2002) · S1E01 · Evergreen (2002).mkv

And yet, other shows REQUIRE the date: ex: Battlestar Galactica (2003), Doctor Who (2005).

And while the Twilight Zone revival episodes with dates appended wind up defaulting to “Other” and require manual identification, episodes of “Lost in Space (1965)” instead get mixed in with “Lost in Space” (the 2018 version).

I can’t get the original 1980 season of Cosmos to automatically identify as itself - it either gets thrown to “Other” if I append “(1980)”, or identified as episodes of the 2014 revival if I don’t.

Other series I can’t get to identify correctly no matter what I do and I can’t determine a possible cause — and are especially annoying since the titles delivered are so NOT the actual name provided; and the correct show actually shows up first when the title is searched both directly on TMDB or even manually via Infuse — AND the chosen shows don’t even match by year:

“Ascension” (the 2014 series) becomes “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho” (a 2007 manga).
“Avenue 5” (the 2020 HBO comedy) becomes “Brazil Avenue” from 2012.
“Away” (the 2020 space drama) becomes 2014’s “How to Get Away with Murder”.
“Babylon 5” from 1994 becomes 2019’s “Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia”.
“The Big C” becomes “The Big Bang Theory”.
“Crusade” becomes “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.
“The First” becomes “The First Years” or “Sofia the First”.
“Mars” (from 2016) becomes “MARS RED”.
“The OA” becomes “Locked Up: The Oasis”.
“Resurrection” becomes, bizarrely, “Prison Break”
“Sherlock” (the brilliant BBC series) oddly becomes the lame CBS version “Elementary”.

Another show that fails to connect with any title (and instead drops into “Others” with all the Twilight Zone’s and Cosmos’s is “Formula 1 · Drive to Survive”.

If anyone knows a way for me to name these files so they will always scrape correctly, I’d appreciate it.

Rebuilding the database anytime I add to my collection or update my personalized metadata is tedious, especially across all my Apple TVs.

(I understand I can save and sync my metadata through Apple — but I can’t help questioning the wisdom of utilizing such a feature; given Apple is itself a content producer and might possibly some day take interest in the titles that show up therein.)

I tried to dig through your post to figure out which ones you wanted help with but got bogged down. If you could provide just a straight list of series (without what they may or may not become) we can work on it.

As to Formula 1 Drive to Survive 2019 this naming and folder structure was found right off the bat without a hitch and pulled the correct metadata.

What next? :wink:

Is this the “Cosmos” you’re trying to get the metadata for?

If so, this worked in a snap too.

And for the The Twilight Zone shows all 4 versions.

Worked great

Yes, this works for Cosmos 1980. Thank you!

Re: Twilight Zone

Sadly this does not work for me. :frowning:
The only notable difference between your layout and mine is that my files have the episode names and dates attached, like so:

The Twilight Zone (1985) · S1E02 · A Little Peace And Quiet (1985)

Can this be causing the problem?

It may, try just the names I gave you and the episode titles will be scraped with the metadata.

Re: Formula 1 Drive to Survive.

Same as last comment. Doesn’t work for me. Finds nothing. I have to select an item in “Other” and manually assign the title.

What else?

Well, this:

Band of Brothers/Band of Brothers · S01E01 · Currahee (2001).mkv

Results in “The Pacific” (the sequel series most definitely NOT NAMED “Band of Brothers”).

Are you using the exact name (without colon or period) for Formula 1? It picked it right up for me without even having to do an edit.

That ones going to be Folder name “Band Of Brothers 2001” files will be named “Band Of Brothers 2001 S01E01.mkv”

Re: Formula 1 — I wasn’t at first, but tried it. Removed the share, deleted the metadata cache, and re-added the share with the files renamed exactly as you wrote. No dice.

Re: Band of Brothers — Of course I tried that and it also failed. I don’t know why. I don’t believe I ever had trouble with Band of Brothers before.

Re: the others:

Avenue 5
Babylon 5
The Big C
The First
The OA

You don’t need to delete and re add the share, just change the name and then do an edit metadata and select the correct show from the choices. I didn’t even have to do an edit, as soon as I opened the folder with the formula 1 files it found the metadata and populated it.

Are you looking at the files in the library or in the favorite?

I removed the share because none of the changes I seemed to be making were having any effect.
I know I shouldn’t have to do that.

I also know I can do an edit metadata and select the correct show.
I’m trying to avoid having to do that every single time I update my library (on all four of my Apple Devices). I want Infuse to process my library correctly without my needing to babysit every time.

You’re going to have to use iCloud sync. That’s the only way you’re going to get all 4 to do it automatically.

The favorite will update when you open that folder after a name change, the library should pick up the change after you open the favorite. Again, with iCloud sync it will do this all automatically.

And finally, the second batch with the files named as shown (ones not show are identical to the folder name with the S0XE0X.mkv after the folder name)

Gives you these without having to do an edit for me.

I appreciate you running these tests for me. Thanks.

Funny. I’ve tried all of those with no success. You just added the year, after all, and that is the first thing I either add or remove (as necessary) if there is a problem. The only successful rename from your suggestions, unfortunately, has been adding the “A Personal Voyage” subtitle to the original Cosmos series with Carl Sagan.

I don’t use “season #” sub-folders in my file hierarchy — instead I just keep all episodes from the entire series in the folder you would keep the season sub-folders in — but I’ve never noticed this preventing proper identification before; nor had it help when I couldn’t get the series to recognize.

The only other thing is I sometimes include episode titles and release years in the file names, as so:

Cosmos · A Personal Voyage
Cosmos · A Personal Voyage · S01E01 · The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean (1980).mkv
Cosmos · A Personal Voyage · S01E02 · One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue (1980).mkv

…but not always. I did this because I didn’t always use a 10’ interface front end when watching stuff and it was helpful to have the extra details. From the test I’ve run so far, I don’t gain anything by deleting that part of the file name on the series I’m having trouble with; and not all series I’m having trouble with have anything after the episode number.

I tried both deleting the episode names and adding the release year with episodes of “Band of Brothers” and it still is identified as “The Pacific” for I don’t have a clue why.

I don’t know why the season folder would make a difference but all I can tell you is that what you see are the exact file names and structure with folders that pulled all the info. Did you add the year to the series folder that the episodes are in also?

As to band of brothers, could you do a screen cap showing the names and file structure like I have above? Maybe we can figure that out.

Edit to add: if you put the episode name after the S0XE0X it won’t hurt a thing but it has to be after the season and episode numbers.

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“Band of Brothers” seems to have fixed itself. Infuse found it just fine this last run through (without the year appended).

“Formula 1 Drive to Survive” works. I managed to populate a typo in there while changing from “Formula 1 · Drive to Survive” which originally didn’t. So that’s a second one you fixed for me. Thanks.

None of the others get assigned any title with the dates appended as shown by you — by which I mean

Avenue 5
Babylon 5
The Big C
The First
The OA
or any of "The Twilight Zone"s

They all go to Category “Others”, when named EXACTLY as you show.

Without years, they all wind up in Category “TV”, but none identified correctly - except for the original Twilight Zone episodes.

I verified this again just now, using both alternatives.

Yes. This is how I do it.

It kind of sounds like Infuse hasn’t completed it scan for changes yet so I’d give it some more time. All I can tell you is that with the above all work.

One thing I do is after I change a show, I’ll go to that favorite and open it down to the episodes of a season and do an edit if it gives any problems and that usually fixes the trouble makers.