ass subtitles

New to infuse here. Everything works as expected but I’m having issues with subtitles for 3D movies. More specifically I convert srt to ass format but infuse is having troubles to show it properly. What it does is to display the subtitles only in half of the frames. Show if I close my left eye, I see the subtitles. If I close my right eye I see nothing. You guess what happens if I have my both eyes open. I get dizzy as hell.

Should I try another format?
Am I missing something else?
By the way, I use plex as media server and this issue doesn’t happen if I play the video from plex app.

I have the same problem!
It looks like Infuse doesn’t use the layout information in the .ass file, it displays the text centered as a normal .srt file (at least in my tests). Instead of placing the text on each of the two frames. In my case I play the movie file from a file share and not using a plex server.
I’d love to see this handled, please!

Same here, just bought the pro version and everything seems to be working fine. But better support for ass subs would be nice.

Any news of improvement on this issue?