Aspect ratio

option to change the aspect ratio to 16:9 not working still has black bars on video

What version number of Infuse and on what device?

Version 7.3.5 and on apple tv was watching fast and furious f9 which aspect ratio is 2.39 : 1 was trying put it to 16:9 to remove the black bars but did nothing

Could you run the file through mediainfo and post the results here?

like this?

It has to be a combination of zoom mode and aspect ratio, so say HD TV 16:9 and Zoom Mode Stretch should achieve the desired result.

@blackzwe is correct that it is a combination of Zoom Mode and Aspect Ratio.

However, you’ll want to select the aspect ratio that matches the content area of the video. In this case I would recommend setting Zoom Mode to Crop and Aspect Ratio to 2.40:1.

If you want to crop out some of the black bars, but not all you can select a lower aspect ratio, like 2:1.

Okay thanks! can do zoom mode to stretch and aspect ratio to 2.40:1 also? or setting zoom mode to crop more recommmended?

Both will work.

Crop will keep the correct proportions of everything, but you will lose some content area.

Stretch will keep all of the content, but the proportions will be altered.

Feel free to try both and see which you like best.

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