Aspect ratio for WMV and RM files stretched.

After installing the ATVflash 4.0 and playing WMV or Real media files
I notice that the aspect ratio for files with these extentions are
not correct. They should be 4:3 and are 16:9. How can I fix this?
All avi files are played with the correct aspect ratio.

I also noticed that XMBC does the same with photos after the upgrade.
This all worked fine before the upgrade.

Any help to fix these issues would be appreciated.

I am still having the problem with WMV files being the incorrect aspect ratio when playing with NitoTV. I was wondering if installing Flip4mac WMV will fix this if I use ATVFiles?
I appreciate any help.

If you install Flip4Mac then change the File playback mode in nitoTV > Settings > General to Quicktime the files should play normally.

Thanks Guardianmax. I will try that.

Awesome software and forum.