Asked this before

I’ve asked this before and not received an answer.
Tv shows in my favourites don’t show the total seasons like the default tv show favourite. They both look at the same data. Since I only use my favourites this is annoying. This happens on my atv4k and iPad infuse.

On the shows that you are not showing any seasons, do you by chance have local artwork for the series like a folder.jpg or one of the other ways of changing the artwork?

Okay, I just ran through mine and the only time that the season count wouldn’t show on the favorite folder TV shows was when the file name for that TV show was different from the folder the seasons and episode were in.

For example, on TV show files that have the year like V 2009 S01E01.mkv" if you have the series folder labeled just as “V” it won’t show the number of seasons but if you change the series folder to “V 2009” then it will.

This isn’t necessary if you use the Library “All TV Shows” favorite, it will still show the seasons either way but the share favorite needs to have them both with the same name.

Yes, I have added a folder.jpg file to change the artwork.
I added folder.jpg to series that show the seasons and it didn’t cause the season to disappear.
Why is there two different displays? It must be the way they’re worded.

That was to help me narrow down what’s going on. Since I don’t have the added artwork the series that I had no total season count showing had a blank poster.

If you could do a screen print like this of one of the series that isn’t showing it may help figure out what is causing the problem.

For Wmanser

I looked and all seasons are this format

It appears that your season folders have both the series name and the season number. As a test could you delete the series name from all of the season folders so instead of the folder being “Numb3rs Season 01” it’s “Season 01”.

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Also as a comparison, could you do the same screen cap for Nikita as you did for Numb3rs?

I checked Nikita and it shows seasons only, no series title.
Made me double check the others, seems the issue is with having the title in front of the seasons.
I’m going to remove all so just the seasons show and I’ll let you know if this works.


Removing series name from front of season is working.
Thanks for the help. Not finished yet, but it is working.

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You’re welcome! :+1: Glad it wasn’t an invisible character. I had that once and it drove me nuts trying to figure out why things weren’t resolving.

This is a problem I deal with regularly. For my sanity, I need to organize my movies and series in alphabetical order — meaning “The Matrix (1999)” becomes “Matrix ,The (1999)” and “The Expanse (2015)” becomes “Expanse ,The (2015)”, and “A Perfect Planet (2021)” becomes “Perfect Planet ,A (2021)”.

BUT — here’s the rub. Infuse and TMDB get really confused by any trailing articles. Inside folders, I have to have my files named “The Matix (1999)” and “The Expanse (2015) - S01E01” and “A Perfect Planet (2021) - S01E01”.

Now, Infuse doesn’t care what the folders holding movies are named. This isn’t the case with TV folders.

Browsing by folders, only series whose folders I haven’t changed the title of to sort alphabetically on my computer show the proper series name and number of season folders inside. This isn’t an issue when browsing by the Library. I don’t see Firecore willing to change that behavior just for me (and anyone who needs to organize things like me), so unfortunately, it’s just going to be something I need to live with.

I am deleting all before the season 01, 02, etc., and the season count has shown for most. Now I’m checking file names for those which don’t show season count. I’m finding some typing mistakes.
This is a lot of work to get the season count to show, but that is something I use.
If Infuse used the same coding as they use on the tv library folder, we wouldn’t be having this issue.
Now at least I know the cause.

I believe the difference is by design. The library groups series and episodes without regard to the containing folder structure. You can have seasons 1-5 on one share, and season 6 on another share, but they’ll all show up together in the library.

The files browser is meant to preserve your folder structure so you can locate files based on their location in your fire hierarchy. Seasons won’t be reunited here, if they aren’t all located in the same folder.

With items in the files browser not necessarily being included in the library, I assume Infuse leaves open the possibility that a folder that contains some episodes of a particular series, but isn’t named the same as those episodes, might also include episodes of a different series?

I understand what you’re saying and that part works for the library and combines across all favourites.
It would be nice to have the same feature across all tv shows in each favourites folder only.
Due to infuses lack of ability to organize some users use the favourites folders to organize their media. Like a poor man’s version of Smart Folders.
Infuse keeps improving but they’re not perfect yet. My remarks are to notify that their design has limits.
My problem is I wasn’t aware of this issue when I set up my system so I have a lot of work ahead to change to the way infuse works. Thank God this community board allows users like me to get help.

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I feel your pain. When I found Infuse to be basically the best player / media manager available on the devices I most watch media (my Apple TVs), I realized I had a lot of work to do (mostly transitioning all my files to TMDB’s names and dates and television episode numbering wherever there were discrepancies and botched scrapes) to get my library playing well with Infuse. Now that the work is done, I suppose it’s been worth it; as apart from a few lingering frustrations I have with Infuse, it’s mostly a joy to work with; and never fails to play whatever I throw at it.

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