Artworks randomly disappeared

This happened yesterday.

Before that, my metadata didn’t have any issue in the past 3 years, local metadata size is about 800MB - 1GB. iCloud Sync is on, about the same size on iCloud Drive.

Yesterday almost 50% of artworks were disappeared when I was browsing the movie folders, right before my eyes. I tried to fix the artworks by editing metadata again, most of time I got exact same Poster as before… After spent more than an hour to fix some titles, I noticed local metadata size increased to 2GB. So I stopped. I turned off iCloud Sync, deleted Infuse’s data from iCloud Drive, Cleared local metadata, re-added all favourites and folders. I tried to rebuild the metadata from scratch.

It was a very tedious process as I have a large amount of collections, and different favourite has different metadata language (I requested the feature for metadata language setting for individual favourite for years but didn’t get any feedback on that). I had to keep changing metadata language setting and add/scan/complete favourites. After another 4 hours, the metadata rebuild is almost done, local metadata size is about 2GB now, 100% bigger than before. I then turned on iCloud Sync, but Infuse only uploaded 30MB files to iCloud Drive… Why it is so different from previous iCloud Sync? Can’t just upload everything to iCloud Drive? You can’t assume those posters are always available on TMDB or TVDB.

BTW, during the time when I rebuilt metadata, Infuse crashed a couple of times.

Such a terrible experience.

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Please discuss here.

From what I observed, Infuse tried to auto-update cached metadata for every Movies/TV shows under the same folder, it is very obvious on TV shows, for example a TV show folder that has many seasons, their metadata were cached already, when I entered the seasons folder, most of season artworks were not correct, waited for a while, correct season artwork came back one by one. I did this after few hours, the same happened again.

If cached artwork is not same as latest result from TMDB/TVDB, Infuse seemed to remove cached artwork, but it also didn’t download new artwork.

  1. Do we really need to keep updating cached metadata?
  2. It should not hide cached artwork before call TVDB/TMDB,
  3. it should not remove cached artworks
  4. If possible, give an option to upload all cached metadata to iCloud Drive.

At the moment images are currently excluded in the metadata synced to iCloud, but it is on the roadmap currently in the 6.4.x section at Upcoming Features (updated 12/19/23)

The exact same thing just happened to me now… about 50% of all my movies, in both the library and the favorite folders I’ve created, are getting the poster images deleted before my very eyes.

I captured one instance of this happening when entering my Woody Allen favorite folder. Here it is on YouTube:

I tried deleting the Infuse app and reinstalled it, but when it syncs with iCloud there is no difference. The posters are still gone… I have to manually edit metadata for every single affected title to make it re-retrieve the correct poster from tmdb. This is so frustrating and annoying.

I wish there was a function to auto update poster image / metadata for ALL movies in a folder.

This is gonna take hours and hours for me. :frowning:

Edit: I read in a related post that there is an option to Clear all metadata. This fetched most of the metadata automatically. However, a lot of original quality posters at tmdb is gone and replaced with abysmal user created content. That’s obviously not Infuse’s fault though.

I’ve just been hit by this issue too, on my ATV and on my iPad. Artwork just disappearing in front of my eyes, exactly as in the YouTube link up thread.

As I have a few ATVs and a couple of iPads I’d like a solution which doesn’t require me to sit there in front of each one manually downloading artwork for each film. I have ~700 films and ~75% have been affected. It’s a long job to fix it.

Don’t know what your language settings are. But I use Swedish as language and metadata fetching is set to automatic.
Can’t say I really know when the problem started but I guess a couple of months back.
Infuse auto update metadata and if there’s no poster or desciption marked as swedish, the fetch will come up blank. No poster and no descriptive text.
As you mention the metadata and pictures are deleted. If I change language to English all pictures and descriptions are downloaded again.

The Clear all metadata option in settings (Swe: Radera all metadata) more or less solved the issue for me. There were only a few titles I had to fix manually.