Artwork shown in iOS but not on Apple TV

OK this is weird.

I have just checked this on another Apple TV in our home and the artwork is displayed!

We have 5 Apple TV in our home and it’s only one is showing the missing artwork!

Are they all using the same Apple ID and iCloud sign in or are they set up with family share?

All on the same iCloud account

I’d recommend checking this on the problematic Apple TV.

Infuse > Settings > Embedded Metadata

Turn it off, and then use the Edit option to refresh artwork on one of the affected items.

That didn’t seem to fix it. However, I deleted the app and redownloaded it and appears to be working perfectly.

Ok, lets try something different here…

  1. Go to “Edit Metadata” on AppleTV.
  2. Select the first metadata shown (won’t change nothing, so don’t worry)

If the problem persists we’ll try a different method.

Please keep giving yr good and relevant feedback.

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