Artwork scale is incorrect and not usually the common movie poster

I really like Infuse, but find that the source TMDB either has bad data or Ifusemis not always pulling right artwork and scale is wrong. I find numerous titles that Infuse imbeds artwork for the thumbnail that is not scaled correctly like the thumbnail is showing just the center portion of the artwork like it was zoomed in. Also I find the artwork selected is usually out of left field some where, Plex to me returns the most accurate movie artwork followed by MrMC and in a very distant third is Infuse. Between the poorly scaled artwork and poor choices is what is stopping me from buying Infuse and dumping MrMC. Please give us choices as to what to use as the source data.

It might help if you provided some examples where you feel Infuse pulls bad artwork and maybe say what you think the correct size should be for each.

Personally , I’ve had great success with almost all of the metadata it pulls in.

I will grab some pictures, but here are a few of my MKV rips;

Airport 1970
Evil Dead II
The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms
The Birds
20 Million Miles To Earth
Andromeda Strain 1971
Fargo 1996
Forbidden Plant 1956

And many more. The thumbnail is scaled wrong on most of these and in many cases does not match the artwork when I go into the detailed description.

Do you by chance have “Embedded Metadata” turned on in Settings?

Here is what I’m seeing for the movies you listed. All seem to be fine. One problem could be that on the movie “Forbidden Plant 1956” you left out the “e” in planet. :wink: The only other changes I made to the names was to add the year after the name on the ones you didn’t have the year in. Infuse picked all of it out without having to do any edits.

Doh, yup I had embedded metadata and I evidently there wer some images in the metadata getting picked up. I cleared database and now it looks better. I also purchased MetaX and am in process of cleaning up and embedding proper data and art in all my files to prevent having to go manually override files it gets wrong. Thanks for the help. Just purchased Forever license.

Glad you figured out what was causing your problem!

Why go through and add embedded metadata when Infuse gets it right a large majority of the time? The few instances it does get off course a bit it’s usually as simple as a file name edit to get it right.

Embedding the metadata makes it easier for me if I need to reload the database or use the media on my Android devices. Plus with over 1000 media files hunting for files that were mis-tagged is a pain. Using MetaX has been a breeze to get through everything, once and done.

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