Artwork not showing when share is unreachable


I have my media shared locally from a NAS with SMB. When Infuse is started fresh and the NAS is either turned off or the device is not in the same network (either cellular or a different LAN) artwork for library entries is not shown. Connecting to the WiFi and reloading any screen in Infuse will make it reload all the artwork. Most of the posters in my library are saved as jpg next to the video file but it also happens with the fanart backdrops.

Here is a video of what it looks like:

This bug has existed in the past, was fixed but was reintroduced in a recent update. This is on version 6.5

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Thanks for the report.

If you have a chance, can you replicate this issue and then send in a report via the Settings > Email Us option?

You can post the 5 digit code here, so you won’t need to actually send the email.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Here is the code: 8PA9V. I pressed on „Email us“ after disconnecting from WiFi and restarting Infuse so the library was currently showing the placeholders.

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It seems the update today fixed the last of the issues regarding this matter. Posters, fanart and metadata now all load without hiccups.

Thank you!

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Awesome! Thanks for following up.

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