Artwork missing in iOS 18 & macOS 15 betas


I’m testing Infuse and in my:

  • Iphone 15 pro max
  • Ipad Pro M4-

I lost all metadata from my library (movies, tvshows, covers, etc)
I tried to delete all metadata to recreate it again but it didn’t fix it ?

Could it be i am at IOS/IPADOS 18 beta 3 in this devices ?

But everything works fine with my metadata in my:

  • Apple TV 4K 2022 and is on TVOS 18 beta 3



I’m also on iOS 18 Beta 3, and not noticing those issues yet :crossed_fingers:

thanks for the feedback, probably the problem is on my side, i will reinstall the Infuse app, to see if it fixs this problem.

Just deleted on my Iphone the Infuse app and reinstalled again…
Not fixed… no metadata anywhere :frowning:

My Iphone diagnostic submission sent from email: code: XR0HZ

I lied, apparently my thumbnail images don’t work for new content on iOS/iPadOS 18

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Don’t forget

My Iphone diagnostic submission sent from email: code: XR0HZ
My ticket is: #166207

Thanks for the report.

Moved out of the beta thread as this also happens in the 7.8 App Store version. Likely a bug related to iOS 18 beta 3.


Ticket #166209 opened

Diagnostics for iOS: R9N6G

Diagnostics for iPadOS: G3GV7

Diagnostics for tvOS: M6G4G

Issue is present in macOS Sequoia too.

Diagnostic code: MNDKD

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Latest IOS 18 Beta.

Works fine on Mac. A few are missing on iPhone.

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Same her eon beta 3
I refreshed the metadata and now everything is blank.

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I shut down my Mac. Booted up Emby server. Same problem. Then shut that down and booted Jellyfin server. Same problem.

I came here to share my issue, but it seems I’m not alone. I’ll try updating the metadata on my iPad at home later to see if syncing from iPad iOS 17 to iPhone iOS 18b3 resolves the metadata issue.

My son’s iPad Air 2 is running iOS 15.8.2, and on infuse 7.8

I’ll see if refreshing metadata from his iPad will fix things too :blush:

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Didn’t work :frowning:

My phone is on 18 beta 3 and no cover art
However the apple tv is 17.5 and no issues :smiley:

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My Apple Tv 4k 2022, is on TVOS 18 beta 3 and everything is fine, never lost the artwork.

But my Iphone 15 and the Ipad Pro M4 (with IOS/IPADOS 18 b3), lost all the artwork.

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Same here!!! all the covers are missing and impossible to bring them back, I am on ios 18 beta 3 on 15 pro max with infuse 8

damn this new beta 3 on ios18

Riding the “bleeding edge” of technology often has a price. :wink: