Artwork missing for shows with multiple seasons when viewing favorite

I have seen other similar topics but they didn’t seem to address this specific issue.

When navigating to TV Shows all shows show the correct artwork, whether there is a single season or many.

When viewing a favorite of a share, only shows with a single-season show the artwork. Shows with multiple seasons are correctly parsed and show artwork for individual seasons but there is no top-level artwork available.

I’ve had the same issue. For some reason the name of the files has more impact in the favourites area than in the library area.
I’ve been using trial and error method to correct mine. It has worked on some but not all. Still experimenting. Example- of adding an “s” or removing one. Adding dates on some and removing dates on others. It’s like solving a puzzle.

Your issue appears to be different, it seems to be a parsing issue.

As an example, the issue I am experiencing resolves itself if I reduce the seasons from two to a single season of a show.

If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you show a screen print of what you’re seeing when you do this?

On further review, it seems as though I have just structured my files the same way as they appear under TV Shows, so only season directories have artwork. Still, it would be nice to provide the artwork of the show if the directory contains seasons, as selecting “The Mighty Boosh” from TV Shows or My TV Shows Share leads to the same season view of the show.