Artwork Issue

When only tv shows in my folder then artwork is displaying a screenshot of the tv show in list view but when I add a movie to folder the artwork changes to title poster for the movie & tv shows. The grid view always shows title poster for movies and tv shows even if no movies in folder. How do I keep title poster in list view ?

Would you be able to post a few pics of what you are seeing?

Thanks for that!

For consistency, Infuse will not display mixed artwork shapes when browsing a folder. If you have a folder of only TV shows, then you’ll see the episode artwork. If it’s a folder of mixed content, then Infuse will use poster artwork for everything.

That’s a shame as I would prefer to keep poster artwork at all times

One thing you might consider is switching from list view to grid view.

Doing this would display posters for all videos, and then you could see the episode images when navigating inside a TV show season. Sort of like a folder.

You could also quick play a title without navigating inside by long-pressing on a poster.

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