Artwork from wrong region (TheTVDB)

Hello, Infuse on AppleTV is showing the French artwork for Space Ghost (1966) and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Any ideas?


What language is your Apple TV set to? Have you set a language for Metadata in Settings, or are you using Auto?

Is there a particular season you are seeing issues with, or is it affecting the main series poster?

Can you provide an example of how your files are named?

Hello, I set my language to English for metadata but it didn’t help.
They are named normally, it could be that the image shouldn’t be uploaded to TheTVDB in the first place but I don’t know how to change that.
It actually just happened again with Top Cat image showing in Spanish. I do believe the files are labeled as being in the other language at TVdB though.

Space Ghost S01E01 The Heat Thing.avi

With Space Ghost it is the season posters that are French and the series one is correct,
With Top Cat it’s the series poster in Spanish and season one is correct.

Thanks. I was able to replicate this here.

We’ll take a look and see what’s going on.

We’ve added a fix for cases like this for the upcoming 5.9.2 version, which is due out soon. :slight_smile:

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Still seeing this problem with certain shows, such as The Prisoner showing the French art.

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