Artwork for iOS Favorite vs tvOS Favorite

I use Infuse Pro 5 on my Apple TV 4 & iPad Air 2, so do I need to provide 2 favorite artwork files…? Let me explain

Obviously, I have a (1:1.5) “folder.jpg” for the Folder’s cover.

I have a (16:9) “favorite-atv.jpg” for tvOS Favoites.

Lastly, I have a (1:1.5) “favorite.jpg” for iOS Favorites.

Is this setup correctly? Am I corrct in assuming that I need to have one "favorite "image file for tvOS, and another image file for iOS…?

Is there any situation where the “favorite-atv.jpg” image will be used in the iOS version? For example, browsing iOS Infuse Favorites in List mode presents the artwork in 16:9, so would Infuse (iOS) borrow the “favorite-atv.jpg” in this circumstance or not?

In pre-5.6 yes, ‘favorite-atv.jpg’ would also be used in some cases on iOS. However, that is changing in 5.6, so you’ll want to be sure to have the normal 1:1.5 ratio ‘favorite.jpg’ in place.