Artwork Disappeared on some movies

After the last Infuse update, several of my movies that had previously had artwork, no longer display the artwork. Even after I do an edit and reassign the movie, the “default” image still shows up. Is there a setting I need to adjust?

Is this affecting all files, or just a few?

Are these movies or TV shows? Can you provide an example or two so we could try and replicate the same thing here?

I will add to this, recently themoviedb deleted several movies that may have been in multiple categories. For example, the 1990 movie Steven Kings IT was removed since it was originally a TV mini series and even though it was also available as a bluray disc they removed the single entry and kept the tv mini series with two episodes.

You may want to check and see if the movies that disappeared on you are still there on themoviedb.

Thank you for responding. The issue was resolved by turning off the embedded metadata setting.

Thank you,


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