Artwork disapearing randomly

Hello !

I already read this problem here: Covers of TV series missing

Sounds like it’s fixed since 6.4.1, but for me it is not.

On my ATV 4K, randomly after entering the app ( not everytime I re-enter the app ), some covers are missing, and until I go into the folder the art won’t reload. It’s a bit annoying, and curiously I never had this problem before ( started like 1 month ago ).

The TV shows concerned don’t have any activity ( I’m not watching them or adding new episodes ).

Any idea?

Thank you !

Are you running the latest 6.4.4 update? (check version by scrolling to the bottom of Infuse > Settings)

Can you try refreshing metadata for one of these shows? To do this, simply us the Edit button on one of the episodes and reselect the correct series name.

Hello @james!

Yes I’m running the last version 6.4.4 (3090).

After taking my picture, I went into settings and saw that the " delete metadata " section had a size of 106 Mb.

So I get back and opened every TV shows and seasons I had ( not much ) and the Movies library. Everywhere there was missing artworks, but 2 sec after seeing an empty one, it loads.

After all elements were load, I get back in settings and the size is now 118Mb.

So this proves that, at a moment, the cache was emptied or a part was lost. Because it’s 200% sure that all my metadatas were cached 2 months ago ( did not add anything since ).

If needed, I have a video showing the empty arts load after displayed.

In recent updates there has some been reshuffling with the cache and online sites like TMDb and TheTVDB. As a result, you may notice Infuse is refetching artwork for some items. However, once this refetch is done it should remain cached on your Apple TV.

I’d let Infuse complete it’s indexing (run Scan for Changes in Settings > Library just to be sure) and see if the artwork is added back. If you are missing any items, you may try using the ‘Edit’ option on a particular item to refresh the metadata.