Artwork Auto Detection?

Hi all, first post!

Up until recently I purposely keep to MacOS 10.14: “Mojave” to keep iTunes as I preferred that compared to the separate Music/TV combo apps. Therefore I had all my metadata up to date with TV’s artwork at 1:1 and my Movies at 2:3 ratios.

Stupidly I couldn’t resist the pull of 11.1 “Big Sur” and have “upgraded”. This was with the knowledge that I would spend the Christmas holidays updating my artwork to the new 16:9 format that the TV app uses. This I have now completed (roughly 2500 movies and over 300 TV series).

In the meantime, Apple have really screwed the pooch and broken the 5.1 surround sound output of the Computers App on Apple TV 4K (tvOS 14.3) so I started looking for a replacement. I came across Infuse and I’ve not looked back. I love the fact I can just create a share of my external drive and Infuse does the rest without the need to run a separate server process.

One issue though, Infuse doesn’t show my 16:9 art correctly, insisting that it’s shown as 2:3 ratio and therefore cutting off most of the image if I’ve set it to fetch local metadata.

Is there any chance of getting Infuse to autodetect image size/ratio and adjust the layout accordingly? I notice that the “Watching”/“Recently Added” section uses 16:9 ratio, although it doesn’t pull local artwork. Perhaps a switch in the settings if the auto part of my request is not possible?

Thanks for reading!

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Infuse uses both aspect ratios of artwork as you’ve seen. Poster versions are set from filename.jpg while landscape versions are set with filename-fanart.jpg

There are more details here:

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