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Hi all! I’m working on joining the Infuse bandwagon (my TV’s built-in DLNA renderer just doesn’t cut it anymore), and have been fairly pleased so far. I know I’ll have additional questions over the next few weeks as I try to hammer my metadata into shape, but the simple observations to start with is…

  • The tvOS version of Infuse does not ignore articles the way the macOS version does when working with TV Shows (I haven’t gotten to movies yet). As an example, “The Bear” sorts with the "B"s (as expected) in macOS, but with the "T"s in tvOS.

I know there have been threads about sort order when it comes to articles (I happen to agree with making “A” and “An” ignored too), but the behavior with “The” between th OSes seems like a bug/oversight.

Any chance I’m missing a setting on tvOS?


Did you happen to be sorting by title on one and filename on the other?

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As @munpip214 said, check your “Sort Order” in general settings on the ATV.

Yep–macOS was sorting by “Title”, tvOS was sorting by “Filename”.
“Title” ignores “The” :slight_smile:
“Filename” does not :frowning:

A couple of thoughts:

  • It seems strange that the sort order would impact the display order of the series. In order to force proper metadata scraping, I’ve renamed all my TV show filenames to exclude the series name, and if the sort order is really by FilePATH, my series folders all have the articles following the series title. An example path is V:\Television\Muppet Show, The\Season 01\S01E01 - Joel Grey - 19760905. In this case, I’d still expect the series to appear under the "M"s regardless of the sorting choice.

  • I also wondered if the settings between devices sync (via iCloud). It certainly seems that some settings do, but the sort choice does not. Is there any information about which settings are including in the “iCloud Sync” setting?

Thanks for getting the noob straightened out on this one!

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Glad you got it sorted!

Yup, sure is. :wink:

There’s a wealth of info in the users guides and you can find them here.

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