art work for movie collections?

Okay, thought I saw a thread about this before, but couldn’t find it. I have about 100 movie box sets, collections, an they are in there own folders. How would I get a jpeg for just showing the box set, and not just the first movie in the collection? So, for saw, I want a Jpeg showing that it’s a collection, not just a movie.

Just put the individual movies-folders inside another folder with a folder.jpg file - that’s what I do.

I have two issues with collections though. The collection folder isn’t indexed by the metadata (obviously because no data exist on collections in, so they are always listed first - before all other movies - and not in alfabetical order with the rest. The second thing is, that I have no way of listing the movies in the collection in chronological order, which is what I want in collections - not alfabetical order.

I think we need a way of controlling individual folders. That would also give you the option to turn off metadata fetching in a home movie etc.

I agree with both of you… This is probably my biggest issue with this version of Infuse, compared to Infuse 2 or Kodi