Art Cover/tiles for Movies NOT showing

Hello everybody,

I’m new here, so I hope to get answer to my problem, which I think concerns a lot of people !

So before the last update, everything was nice and super ! Nothing to say but bravo !

But with the last update, a lot of covert art/tile of my movies disappeared. All the metadata is good, it finds the movies or so but the tile/covert art is not like before.

It shows a dark tile with the name of the website I downloaded it from. It never shows that before, several movies did change their tile by themselves whereas it had the good ones before.

Thank you for your help !

Do you have ‘Embedded Metadata’ enabled in the Infuse Settings menu?

Try disabling that, and using the ‘Edit’ option to refresh the info for one of these files to see if that helps.

Yes thank you for your answer, I found that option right after posting that message, and all came back to normal !

i have embedded metadata disabled. the movies are in a directory together with an jpg. sadly the poster shows the jpg. the other metadata (title, background image, …) is loaded correctly. i can not get infuse to ignore the jpg.

any solutions?

As I understand it ‘Embedded Metadata’ refers to information/images actually embedded within the video file itself; so turning it off will not prevent the loading of a jpg in a separate file.

I assume that you are talking of a jpg which has the same name as the movie, so I guess the question is why you are not wanting it to be displayed.

Other than deleting/renaming the jpg I don’t know of an option to prevent it loading the jpg if it’s name meets the naming convention that Infuse uses.

the jpg file name is not the same as the movie. the file might be called abc.jpg and is still shown.

@james any ideas?

Delete the JPG file. Then manually reload the metadata for that movie.
That works for me.