Arrrgh! What happened to the user interface?

I opened the app today and it’s switched to splitting movies and tv shows onto separate pages and added in categories that are totally meaningless for me “recently added” “unwatched”. I’ve had a trawl through the menus and I can’t figure out how to get it back to where it was before with the scrolling banner at the top and tiles below for all the content in infuse, movies listed first then the tv shows grouped by season. I can select “files” down the bottom which has all the tv and movies jumbled together in alphabetical order and without the scrolling banner but this is not what I had before which was clean and quick and easy to navigate. Whats worse is now if I kill the app, and start it fresh it always opens on “Movies”, when I primarily use Infuse for old tv shows. Please let me know how I can get the app back to how it was.

The new Library option aims to provide better organization by grouping like content from multiple sources together. However, you can continue using the original view by tapping the Files tab at the bottom of the screen.

Infuse will revert whatever view you have selected when resuming the app. However, force closing apps is generally not recommended for a variety of reasons which are outlined here. Daring Fireball: Public Service Announcement: You Should Not Force Quit Apps on iOS

Umm it already did collect together movies and tv shows, the file menu now no longer does this. Look I totally understand you want to add features and make your app better, but with this update you’re adding new functionality where it wasn’t needed, and providing no ability to sidestep these “improvements”. Thanks for the information on how to use iOS, FYI it’s not just when you choose to kill the app, every time you update the app it will restart it, can’t imagine it would be too taxing to implement a method of retaining how the user likes it to be set up.

I have to agree the new “library” interface isn’t very useful. The “files” option is ok; although again as above stopping the app reverts back to the “library” interface. Would like an option to force which interface to use. This is because the user in this case is my 2yo daughter; so becomes hard to explain where/how to find shows/movies etc. I understand what your trying to achieve with the new interface; but in its current state its not working well :frowning:

I’ve even decided to move back to v4 due to this. Not good seeing i’ve paid for both versions.

Here is a trick I just discovered : go to library settings → unselect everything → no more library ?

I don’t follow what you suggest, the library settings pane on iPad only serves to take you straight to whatever you select i.e. all movies, all tv shows etc. no check marks to uncheck anything.

To add some more ideas to the current design… “recently added” is less use to me than “on here longest”
The banner at the top of my app only displays tv show stuff, even when I’m on the default, fresh start of the app where movies is selected and I have several identified movies in the library. (Already discussed how I’d prefer it to start on tv anyway)
Under TV, recently added is super useless… who wants a link to season 2 of something when you’re still working your way through season 1?
Unwatched, similarly, does it really need to list every season, couldn’t it just be a tile for the show and when you click you get a list of all unwatched eps? I guess that’s what All tv shows does, it would be better to give us the ability to move this category to the top of the list before recently added and unwatched.

On that dialogue you need to select the ‘gear’ icon top right to bring up the dialogue to select which share are to included in the library.

Ah I think we’re talking at cross purposes, I don’t have any “shares” just content stored locally on the iPad.

Thanks for the feedback.

We’re currently looking into ways to retain the Library/Files selection for a future update.

is there a way to permently leave it as Files or give an option to hide the recently viewed or remove recently viewed option in library section, sometimes kids use it and i don’t want them seeing it (ie porn / adult themed / gory movies) turning on restrictions doesn’t do anything.

I even cleared the metadata and the cache, but it still shows the last few videos watched. Even when you access from the files on the server, but not included in library. (server > home videos or porn still shows on the recently viewed but its indexed for server > movies or tvshows)

Thanks for your suggestion, james. It really helped

Being able to group multiple files from different sources (NAS, Dropbox, Google Drive) all in one library is a major plus point for me. It’s the main reason I’m using Infuse over other players.

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This has been added for the upcoming 5.5.3 update, which is scheduled to be released alongside iOS 11 next week. :slight_smile:

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