Arranging films in a collection

Is it possible to arrange films inside a collection to order you define. e.g. the star wars films, all 9 of them starting with the Phantom Menace and ending in the Rise of Skywalker.

right now its date order starting with star wars from 1977



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Thank you for the explanations, this now makes sense.

Yes, the below works fine when having the order set to ‘Filename’;


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the renaming didn’t seem to work, the listed correctly on the disk, but not in Infuse. I even moved and then re added 1 by 1, with infuse rescanning. It looks like infuse goes by the date of the film. can anyone confirm this?

P.S. the posters link are cool, I liked those a lot

You have to change the Infuse preferences in settings “Sort Order” to view by filename, not title.
And yes, for collections Infuse does order by release date when by title is selected…


I tried ‘filename’ for sort order, I turned metadata off/on, turned collections off, rescanned, collections on

The meta data is pretty blank except name. but still the same order in Infuse. the order is always release date

they appear on the disk in order

Did you look at the share and not the library? In the share it should follow the file name and not the title for order. The Library will still show collections in release date but the share should show it in the file name order when you select that option.

Huh, I didn’t know that. I guess it’s just another reason I still don’t use Library mode and stick with the old fashioned favourites and folders :rofl:

yeah, its in the Library is where the issues is. The Files(Share) list in order.

Do you know if this is a feature or a bug?

Thanks D

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