Are we getting a Black Friday sale this year?

Would love one, especially on the lifetime subscription

I’d definitely get a lifetime subscription on a Back Friday sale :blush:

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I wouldn’t count on it. They haven’t done one in the past. Best to lock in the price now before they increase again.

I understand a sale would be appreciated by some who are on the fence about upgrading - and of course we’d like to see more people upgrade to Pro. However, the reason there has never been a sale is the belief that it would lead to some disappoint from those who supported us early on and have already upgraded - effectively penalizing them for purchasing early. For this reason, there are no sales planned at this time.

However, we’re constantly working to push the app forward and have shipped over 50 updates (across 3 platforms) so far in 2022 which have included a host of new features and improvements plus support for the latest generation of Apple hardware and software. We also have some great things queued up for 2023 which we are very excited about.

Of course, if you are considering an upgrade from an older version (v6 and earlier) you can get a free year of Pro.



哇真是,你们这些人真是会站在道德制高点上说话,不只有freedom of speech,还有art of speech。。。



Price reduction is just a sales strategy, that’s all. The world famous brands regardless of high or low, chanel, hermes, adidas, nike all have sales activities. According to the statement here, these world famous brands all can not do business? All of them let those old customers sad?
Moreover, according to your logic, the price increase is not only to make those who bought early happy?

You want to make money, I understand, but do not say as if they are very noble.

Wow really, you people really stand on the moral high ground, not only freedom of speech, but also art of speech.

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How would it penalize people who already purchased at a lower price early on?

The price was much lower early on. So the sale price could be set so it wasn’t more than what early supporters already paid?

I know because I almost purchased when it was $62.99. But I was waiting to get a last $10 apple gift card to cover it. When I finally got it I noticed the price was $74.99 and thought I would wait til I got yet another $10 worth of apple gift cards. I see it is $94.99 now and I still have $70 in gift cards waiting in my apple account so i was hoping for a Black Friday sale hopefully to the price before the last increase, but I guess that won’t be happening.

I’ll be back next year to see if there is a sale (but the price will probably be up again by then!).

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