Are the indicators not working?

As you will see on the attached photos, trakt clearly detects the status of my tv shows. Infuse is also configured with “Watched indicators = ON”

But when looking at MY LIST of tv shows, there is no indication whatsoever if the tv show has been watched or not, and how many episodes are not yet watched.

Ideally there should be a number on each tv show, indicating how many episodes remain to be watched, like Plex indicates on the last picture.

Is there something I can check? I’m I doing something wrong in Infuse?


Are you browsing through Infuse’s library, or directly through your Plex share?

Watched indicators for TV show seasons are only available when using the Library.

I am not using plex from within infuse. I installed the plex client seperately on apple tv. So yes, im browsing throung infuse library.

Is there any information i can provide to help troubleshoot?

Sorry, just to clarify, there are 2 ways to browse files in Infuse. Via folders, and via Library.

When browsing via folders, you’ll access your files via an orange star icon on the home screen.

When browsing via the Library, you’ll access your files via the pink TV shows icon (see attached), through the orange Library icon, or through the lists of content displayed right on the home screen.

Ahh yes, now I got you! I hadn’t realized there were two ways of browsing my collection. Now I’m browsing the tv shows using the library and I have an indication. Same for all tv shows, but thats a different issue (trakt)


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