Archive for XML / NFO

Does anyone know if there is an archive of xml or nfo files for movies / tv anywhere online? I primarily use meta fetching at home but I have a large “remote library” that I use away from home, and it would be really nice to not have to type up 100+ text files.

@ James: If is there is not already an online archive available, do you think it would maybe be worth making an xml / nfo archive available here on the forums (like the one for Infuse artwork)…?

I’m not aware of any XML/NFO specific databases, but there are some 3rd party apps that are able to help create these.

A few of these can be found on the Kodi wiki here.

Thanks! This link is super helpful.

Can anyone recommend which of these four Media Managers is quickest & easiest to use on Mac OS? Keep in mind I keep all of my videos on a network drive, and do not want to have to move them locally just to be able to edit them on a Media Manager.

  1. Ember Media Manager
  2. Tiny Media Manager (TMM)
  3. Media Companion 3
  4. MediaElch

I’ve tried all but #4 on WINDOWS and of those prefer Media Companion. My files are all on a NAS. I’m sure others will have different views. Why don’t you just try each yourself as they are either free or have a demo :wink: