APTV stopped communicating with NAS

Needing some advice.
Using a new APTV and run Infuse for video streaming and some file explorer to browse files on Zyxel NSA325 v2 NAS. This has been working fine and i do the same on iphones/ipads also with infuse and a file explorer.
For reasons i don’t understand the APTV has suddenly stopped seeing the NAS (iphones/ipads still fine). When i go to setup a new share in infuse it scans the network and sees my sonos kit but will not detect NAS.
I’m lost, APTV has updated recently but it was working post update so its not that. Once i started getting this issue i updated NAS firmware to see if that would help but made no difference.

Anyone recently experienced any issues with APTV using Infuse to talk to a NAS?

Any help or suggestions much appreciated.