"Applications" not in NitoTV menu

I hate to sound like an idiot, but I keep seeing all these screen shots where I get into Firefox etc via the nitoTV menu where it clearly shows Applications as being one of the options. My install has no such option and I am running the latest version of everything. What am I doing wrong. Without this selection, I have no access to FF.

The Applications menu will be disabled by default.  It can easily be enabled through the nitoTV --> Settings --> Categories menu.

I've seen that reply a few times, but I dont have a categories menu in my nitotv-settings menu.  i just see update nitotv and appletv updates.   BTW, AppleTV updates are "enabled".  This means that new versions of AppleTV WONT automatically update, right?    Currently my appletv software version is 4.1.1 and I just spent alot of time getting the jailbreak to work, so I DO NOT want a new version to sneak in on me and lock me out again.    From what I've read, since I've now saved my SSH blobs, I should be OK, even if a new release happens, but I've never had to restore, so dont want to chance it.  


Any thoughts on the nito menu for me?

Ok, it sounds like you're using one of the black AppleTVs. The Applications menu is only available on the original silver AppleTV.