AppleTV3 jailbreak is around the corner

Time for some good news,

According to pod2g (an iOS security researcher and member of the jailbreak community) the new iOS jailbreak will be soon released and from the looks of it, will finally support ATV3! So to all of you patiently waiting for it, the wait is about to come to an end, although no official date of release has been given, this cannot be far.

Personal estimation (according to a poll embedded to pod2g’s website) will be by the end of this month, fingers crossed.

Have a good day everyone


Imho you are over interpreting things here. We all know that ATV3 doesn’t have the attack surface like any other iOS device. Its very unlikly that all of the 6 - 7 exploits will be available on ATV3. In that sense stating “new iOS jailbreak will be soon released and from the looks of it, will finally support ATV3!” is an unneeded rumor which will just put more pressure from the community to pod2g.


Well done :frowning:

At the same time there’s still this statement on the firecore web page: “Apple TV 3 update coming soon! Order now and get access to both versions.”

IMHO, this is misleading and many people have purchased ATV3 in a hope of successfull jailbreak. Isn’t that an unneeded rumor as well?

And pod2g does state that there are appletv3 users!

Yes imho this is an unneeded rumor then too. Its the same everywhere in the world. Marketing allways yells before something can be touched. Bring it out when its done, but don’t tease things months before. But thats how commercial marketing works i guess (and it annoys me).

Beside that - i’m still carefull when interpreting messages. The statement “there are Apple TV3 users out there” is just a fact for me - nothing more. Well its up to everyone how to handle these things, but i see where such overreactions are leading to. That is ranting users which keep asking for ETAs and just make the last iOS hackers dissappear as of annoyance.

Memphiz is awesome…sarcasm (unless it wasn’t clear)