Appletv2 with 5.2.1

hi everyone…new here but several jailbreaks…but i have one here that is not jailbroke yet with 5.2.1 on it…can i use this to get it jb…i get an error with seasonpass,so i guess my question is can i downgrade?


thnx guys…

Bump, anybody…please help

Without saved shsh blobs (and I assume this is your case) you cannot go back.

There is hope for you however. See first sticky top of this page and read Jailbreaking 101.

Hi…thnx for reply…but this is not touched yet…can i save the shsh blob?

Not to sound rude dude, you should really read up on this stuff.

You can only downgrade iOS with shsh blobs from that particular iOS version unique to that device. The only way to harvest shsh blobs is

  1. Signed by Apple at the time. In this case it’s 5.2.1 or

  2. iOS versions that the device has run in the past and are no longer signed. This means using Windows and iFaith. If you’re lucky, shsh blobs can be pulled out and stitched back into an earlier version of iOS as long as the device ran that particular version at one time.

If your ATV 2 is a virgin having only run 5.2.1 then the only option for a JB is tethered at the moment. It’s better than nothing!

If it has been running earlier iOS versions, iFaith may work for you. Try it.


thnx buddy…all i can do is try…

Ill try this



why would you do all that if a tethered JB for 5.2.1 exists…if you wait a few days it might even get to untethered as the A4 (ATV 2) chip is jailbroken for life

doing as you suggest will render a tethered jb anyway


Hopefully we get the untethered 5.2.1 soon, got 2 devices to do

removed, I was incorrect