AppleTV2 now has 5.0 software, can I Jailbreak with Seas0npass?

My ATV2 was jailbroken but I was having problems and I’m sure it was down to XBMC…anyway after trying to play around with things I’ve now got my Apple TV on 5.0 and obviously not jailbroken.

Is that it for me and ATV flash? Can I still jailbreak?

I’ll be gutted if I can’t. 

I’ve tried running Seasonpass; get dfu fine; itunes opens then an error appears “The Apple TV counld not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.”


I did notice that after iTunes had opened a window flashed up for a few seconds. I think iTunes was opening the ipsw file, but there were 2 there. Could it be opening the wrong one and where are they for me to delete the one that’s not needed.

I have the latest  Tiny Unberella installed. “Set Hosts to Cydia on Exit” unchecked and “Request SHSH from Cydia” unchecked.

Any ideas?

Yes - for the moment that is it unless you kept the Signatures for the earlier firmware version.  From reports it appears that Apple have stopped signing the 4.4.4 firmware so that one cannot simply revert to it without saved signatures.

It is likely to be a temporary issue as I do not think a jailbreak of the ATV2 with 5.0 firmware can be far off (there is already a tethered Jailbreak out although not yet incoporated into Seasonpass).  FireCore have already stated that they will be working on getting their software compatible with the 5.0 firmware.   Because of the new UI I would expect there to be changes required to support that.

I suspect anyone who gets the new ATV3 will have to wait a bit longer before a jailbreak becomes available as it uses new hardware internally (although I would not mind being wrong as I intend to get one for myself).  FireCore have already stated that is that it is their intention that their software becomes a ‘universal’ version that can run on both the ATV2 and ATV3.

simple answer no m8. sure someone more knowledgable could answer but think you can downgrade is you hasve your blobs…

I can’t even downgrade with blobs :frowning: