AppleTV2 not working after jailbreking with Seas0nPass on Philps TV


I have a AppleTV2 and this is witout jailbreak working fine on my Philps 37PFL7605 H/12 TV.

When i use Seas0nPass i see the apple logo on the startup but after that i get the text " No Signal", and thats it om my Philps 37PFL7605 H/12 TV.

I try the Jailbreaked AppleTV2 on a samsung TV and its working oke.


Can somone help met with this problem.





Which version of Seas0nPass are you using?

I am also getting the samething, i was able to jailbreak my appletv2, it restored the cracked restore file, connected my appletv2 to my tv with hdmi cable, connected power and nothing, says “no input” on my tv. black screen… 

i used the lastest seas0n pass that you download on the website.

This is exactly what happens to me. Without the jailbreak my ATV works fine. When I jailbreak it with Seasonpass oder Pwnage Tool, the jailbreak works and it boots up corretly, lets me select language etc. However, if I unplug the ATV from power and connect it again, it boots into a black screen. I can then only connect via ssh, hit “killall AppleTV” to reload GUI and everything works fine. How can this be? And why isn’t anyone else having this problem? It has definetely to do with the jailbreak since reboot works without it and I did not do anything with the atv exept boot, language select, reboot. Any ideas?