AppleTV2 jailbreak: every thing went fine until i reboot



I have lailbreak my appleTV 2 (Black), following all the instruction from the support... everything went fine, i have been able to browse the menu, add the nitoTV etc... but once i reboot the apple TV, it is lock with the Apple logo. The appleTv doesnt seem to reboot.

(To be honest, the SeasOnPass didn't work well during the "Create IPSW" process, i had to locate the new IPSW manually.)

I Then turned the power off and on several times and nothing is working, i keep on have the Apple logo on the screen...

I had to reinstall via iTune the original firmware of the AppleTV.

Bottom line: i havn't been able to jailbreak my apple TV.

Does anyone have the same issue? Any success in solving the issue?

Many yhanks

Sounds like epected behavior if you have the latest Apple firmware on yoyr ATV2. That is because it is a tethered jailbreak, so you have to run SeaonPass evey time you reboot the ATV2.

thanks for the answer. Anyway i can avoid this situation? Can't i jailbreak it once for all?