AppleTV with TC as a storage device over wifi??

Can I use my TC as a storage device and access my video files from it? My appleTV is hooked on to TC with WiFi network created with TC. How do I access files on TC from my AppleTV? Cos I am confused how to do it. Any suggestions appreciated !


Yes, you will want to setup a ‘share point’ through the nitoTV > Network menu. We have a guide for doing this here:

I am also interested in using my TC with AppleTV.

I have tryed to follow the guide step by step. As I read it, the guide is how to share files between your ae. iMac and Apple TV. When I try that, I get a fail that says ‘Mount_AFP is missing’?

But I can’t see how the guide helps set up connection between TC and Apple TV. When choosing Shared Folders on my iMac, I can’t choose a folder on my TC to be shared but only one on the iMac I am setting up Sharing.

Could realy use som help or perhaps other suggestions how to connect TC with AppleTV, please.

You’ll need to setup a Share Point using the SMB protocol instead of AFP. Most newer AppleTV units will not support AFP.

Yep, that helped!

I do now have a wifi connection between TC and AppleTV and can see the movie files (*.m4v) on TC.

Ok next issue …

When I try to play the movie files on TC using either nitoTV or Media I have no problem launching the files, but the movie is lagging. Since the TC and AppleTV is standing right next to eachother, distance can’t be an issue.

Do you perhaps have any idea how to stop the lag, please? Am I using the wrong program on AppleTV to play the movie files on TC? - or perhaps any know how to connect TC and AppleTV with a ethernet wire?

What type of file are you attempting to play? Even if the TC and AppleTV are next to each other, the best performance will come from using an ethernet cable instead of wifi.

The files are [name].m4v.

To connect TC and AppleTV though ethernet is it a regular ethernet cabel i plug in the AppleTV and TC ethernet port, please?

Yes, simply connect an ethernet cable from the AppleTV to the TC. This will provide the most reliable connection.

Turned off TC and Apple TV → plugged in ethernet cabel → turned on TC and Apple TV.

Now files on TC can’t be seen on Apple TV anymore - does allready ‘setup connection’ though nitoTV need to be setup in any special way?