AppleTV: When Match Range disabled, SDR content is too bright/washed out

I’ve got my AppleTV set to 4K Dolby Vision but with Match Range disabled (otherwise when my kids are watching YouTube the TV goes blank for 5 seconds while modes are switched between each and every video).

Just tonight I noticed that when watching an SDR movie in Infuse DV is triggered (which I expect, since the AppleTV will now “convert” everything to DV to avoid matching content) but, it is WAY too bright and the colors are washed out. Is this expected? Watching the same SDR film on Netflix (Match Content still disabled) looks fine.

If I set the AppleTV to 4K SDR or if I set Match Content to ON then everything looks correct (Netflix and Infuse look identical).

I assumed that the AppleTV just told the TV that the stream was DV but of course didn’t have any actual DV metadata to send along with it, so everything remained in SDR. It seems to be working this way for Netflix but not Infuse.

I can take some screenshots or pass along a video clip of that helps!

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