AppleTV Users on Infuse

Integration between AppleTV users and Infuse. Similar to the behavior of AppleTV video app, depending on the user profile selected it will show specific relevant content.

The idea is that we could have a Traktv account linked to a specific user, and also that we see relevant library content based on the user is using the app/selected on ATV.

For example:
My wife has her own TVShow folder, and I have mine. On each profile we have configured that the library will only show content from our own folder, and also when she watches a new episode automatically will be tracked on her Traktv account.

At the moment we have to share Traktv account and I keep seeing added episodes of series I don’t care about, basically adding rubbish to my profile. And she has to keep browsing forever to find her relevant content, because my library is full of content that she doesn’t care about.

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