AppleTV "update" from cloud Reverts layout and content

I have iCloud Backup/sync turned off on all my devices. But twice now in the last week when I launch the AppleTV app it gives me the “hold on a moment, updating from the cloud” screen that resembles the “Optimize” screen. Once that’s done the order of my Home Screen (in infuse) is messed up and the stuff in recently added is all old media. If I go to Scan for Changes it doesn’t update with the new media. So I have to remove each library, go to the Home Screen, then readd them. It’s really a pain

Infuse will create a new cloud backup automatically every 3 days, however it’s possible the last backup could be older (due to system limitations around background activity).

You can view the time of the last successful backup in Infuse > Settings > Cloud Backup. A manual backup can be saved through that menu as well.

Hey James, does it back up to iCloud even if I have iCloud backup/sync disabled?

This is a new cloud backup feature for ATV that is hosted on AWS and only accessible via your device. It is not through iCloud.

iCloud Sync and Cloud Backup are two different features which work together, but can be enabled/disabled independently of each other.

We aren’t able to access any of the data synced through either of these methods, so it’s recommended to keep both enabled for the best experience.

if you’re using direct mode, do either of these sync/backup settings actually do anything of any value? i can that if using library mode, but direct mode might make these irrelevant?

icloud sync is more about keeping playback status in sync (i believe) so direct mode would make that pointless
icloud backup - i’m not entirely sure that this does, i assume a backup of app settings etc, however i tried to apply a back from 1 device on to another and it did nothing.

iCloud sync is probably more important than cloud backup with direct mode.

is it? on tvOS when using only direct mode?
reason i ask is that i don’t seem to see it do anything, other than probably being the reason why the homescreen row order keeps resetting (known bug reported in beta)

most the settings seem to be more tailored for library mode rather than direct mode, or only for iOS.

the link provided doesn’t seem to actually explain what icloud backup does.

Free + Pro

  • Saved networks shares (address, username, password, etc…)*
  • Saved Favorites
  • Saved homescreen layouts (Lists & Favorites)
  • General settings (iOS backups only)
  • Direct URLs added via ‘Add Files’ on iOS/macOS
  • Textual metadata
  • Manual metadata corrections (corrections for mismatched titles)
  • File specific playback settings (selected audio/subtitle track, zoom setting, etc…)
  • Downloaded subtitles
  • Playlists
  • Collections

*Plex and Emby Connect shares are not synced, and will need to be set up on each device. This is due to these services having unique device tracking.

Pro Only

  • Up Next list (in-progress and recently added items)
  • Watched history
  • Playback position for in-progress items
  • Ratings