AppleTV support for HDHomerun

If the AppleTV could connect to an HDHomerun or the soon to be released HDHomerun prime it would complete the media center experience on the AppleTV.


SiliconDust are pretty good about supporting many devices like XBMC, Plex, Boxee, MythTV etc so I wouldn’t be surprised if they would be more than happy to help with this.


The original AppleTV has some storage for recording but for the take 2 the complete package would be the ability to watch and record shows using network storage like a time capsule or AFP/SMB share for cacheing/recording.


If this worked I would buy take2s for all of my TVs tomorrow.


Once the HDHomerun Prime is out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an iPad/iPhone app coming out shortly after.

Sure enough… El Gato released an iPad app. I’m sure combined with the hack to run iPhone apps on atv2, we could get something working.

I see this post got a lot of views but no1 has bumped or added their 2 cents. I’m sure there is a demand for a solution like this. Of you agree please reply to this post.

I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have written here. In fact, I recently acquired two Apple TV 2’s and two regular HDHomeRuns (so 4 tuners) in an attempt to set up something similar. In my case, I am just wanting to pull in TV Signals from an antenna (so, no need for the HDHomeRun Prime … I just need the regular HDHomeRun). I’ve currently got MythTV running on a linux box for the backend. For the frontend I have been using the MythBox add-on for XBMC running on a Zotac mini-PC. What I want to do is get this setup working on the AppleTV 2 and get it going on all 5 TVs in my house. What I have found is that XBMC works great on the ATV2, but the ATV2 is not fast enough to process HD streams from the HDHomeRun. SD streams are fine, but HD streams are choppy and totally un-watchable. The HDHomeRun streams HD video at something like 7GB per hour and the ATV2 just can’t handle it.

Theory: the Apple TV 3 is powerful enough to process HD video from the HDHomeRun. Hang in there. I am hoping the ATV3 jailbreak is just weeks away. Once that happens the solution you are looking for will be available (MythTV backend, MythBox frontend within XBMC on the ATV3).