Appletv storage and infuse

Appletv 4K has limited storage. Apple offers additional storage at a price of course. If I purchased additional storage, does infuse respond any faster or save more metadata or backup metadata?

This would only come into play if you were getting full on your iCloud storage amount. How much iCloud storage do you have? How large is your metadata listed in the Infuse settings? If your under a Gig in free space on iCloud, taking the next step wouldn’t hurt and the lowest subscription amount should get you the breathing room needed.

In short, no, infuse doesn’t save more metadata in iCloud if it has more space. Images are not stored in iCloud, only textual info so this will be much less than the metadata amount that infuse reports. Obviously if you are out of storage as @NC_Bullseye stated then that could cause problems.

I already had increased storage for other apps, and but didn’t see any difference in infuse. Just wishful thinking.