AppleTV shows each season under it's on Poster (Using Plex)

I’m new to Infuse/Plex and connecting them with AppleTV. I have everything working and enjoy the interface a lot more than the default AppleTV library app.

My question is about sorting and grouping. On the Plex Server and Apple TV app, I see TV show as one Poster with season and episodes as I drill down. When I use Infuse, each season as its own Poster with episodes. Is there a way to group the season under one Poster? Also, I find it odd that under each Poster has the season number under it and not the show’s name. Is it possible to show the name of the show?

I apologize if this was answered in another thread, I searched but was unable to find anything referring to the Plex server on this subject.

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Not really sure what the issue is. Can you post some screenshots? In Library I have 1 Poster for the show (e.g. Breaking Bad). When I click on it, I have 5 Season posters. When I click on a season poster I get all the episodes for that season.

So its working as you want it (I guess)

How do you add your files to Infuse? Plex Share or directly via SMB / NFS etc?

I’ve run into times where I wished the text under a season poster also included the name of the show instead of just the season number. Not all posters actually contain the shows name, or maybe at least not in an alphabet that I can read, and then they show up in the recently added list and I have no idea what show it actually is. You don’t even really get any help by looking at the season and its episodes, the show name is absent from that page too and probably assumes you browsed your way to that view with some kind of context. Some kind of “go to show” option when you’ve opened a season this way could be useful.

Plex Share supplies the content. I have set up an unwatched favorite, which is how I’m getting to the content. As mentioned above, I see all the unwatched content, but the seasons are separated out and not grouped under the shows’ name. Attached are the screenshots of what I’m seeing.

As a new user, I can not upload screenshots, so here are links to the screenshots.

Home Screen

Unwatched TV Shows

Yes, thats how Infuse groups unwatched Episodes in its Library. They are grouped by Season, but the seasons are not grouped by show. Perhaps you can set up a unwatched Shows dynamic playlist in Plex that fit your needs and have it added as favorite from Plex Share. Infuse standard unwatched shows library will not give you what you desire.

I think the question was, if Infuse could not get this valuable feature.

You are free to post a feature request in the suggestions section.