AppleTV+ Shows & Dolby Vision

I’m testing my new LG G3 and I noticed that when I play from the AppleTV+ app, the Tv shows that it is played back in Dolby Vision. When I test it in Infuse with the file listed below I only get 4K no HDR or Dolby vision. I assume the file doesn’t support it but how can I tell if it does? I prefer to watch my stuff with Infuse but now I’m not sure how to get Dolby Vision.

Foundation - S02E02 - A Glimpse of Darkness WEBDL-2160p h265 EAC3 Atmos ETHEL.mkv

That release group always label their files correctly.
They also release several versions usually.
They usually do an SDR version as well as combinations of HDR10, Dolby Vision.

In this case unless you have done some renaming of the file yourself it looks like you have the SDR version.

The other versions will have HDR and or DV in the file name. But as a pre warning do not get the files with only DV in the file name UNLESS every device you watch on is capable of displaying Dolby Vision.


@Hitsville thank you that’s very helpful! Any chance you’d have any tips how to configure Sonarr or Radarr because I don’t want only DV since only one of my screens supports it but I’d prefer files that invoice it. Worst case I open the official streaming app but their nitrates are usually lackluster.

Here’s a good place to start

It will help you set up Custom Formats in Radarr & Sonarr.

@Hitsville Can I tell within Infuse if the file supports more than DV? I only shows one format as far as I know.

Thank you for the guide link!

I also notice that a DV file is labeled as 4K HDR but upon playback LG shows the Dolby Vision overlay. Any easy way to check who’s right or would I need to use an app like MediaInfo to check the file?

Go into the Infuse settings and make sure the Dolby Vision setting is on Limited and not Auto.
That’s how it should really be set.
If the file still plays as Dolby Vision then it’s exactly that.

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Today’s 7.7.2 update includes expanded support for Profile 8 Dolby Vision, and more details can be found in the release announcement thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

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