AppleTV Rebooting Again

Like the last version, I suspect that I am suffering from the MediaCloud networking issue, as I am still getting the rebooting AppleTV.

For the short term, I suspect I should recreate the Patchstick without the MediaCloud install, correct?

For the long term, I would like to have access to my Mac external drives as a media server. Any update on when this might be fixed?

Yes, we are working on the Media Cloud plugin and the reboot issues. In the meantime, we’ve offered a workaround by skipping the Media Cloud install.


where did you post this workaround? because right now my apple tv isn’t working at all - i’m just seeing the apple logo (after installing the patchstick).

what should i do? can i restore it in some way?


The workaround is in the 3.1 version of the aTV Flash. Send an email to our sales department and they will send you a link for download.

You can restore your Apple TV to factory settings by holding down the minus and menu button for 6 seconds. This will boot up into Recovery mode, and give you the option to reset it back to the original software, then you can update to the latest software.

ok… will do… thanks!