AppleTV pause broken?

For the last several days, when I pause anything it hangs for a second and then immediately resumes. Anyone else?

Not here on two different ATVs. Pause is used often and we’ve not encountered what you’re describing.

Can confirm the same. At least on ATV 4K. It doesnt happen all the time but i’ve seen it not work completely.

Also, play button sometimes doesn’t work on TV seasons. Not sure if related …

same on Apple TV4k with latest beta

Hmm, which version of tvOS are you using?

Latest beta version from last week. The pause issue came with these beta

I wonder if the OP is using beta versions of either the iOS or Infuse?

Beta is beta for a reason.

It’d be nice if a user posts an issue and is using other than released versions of either the operating system or app they would include that in the post.

Not seeing this in the 11.2 beta, or the public 11.2 release from today.

Are you using the standard black (Siri) remote, or something else?

Standard black remote, but it could be an issue of tvOS cause Plex shows this sometimes too

For me it only happens in Infuse. It is by no means common but have noticed it several times. One time it would not pause at all with play button. Killing the app fixed it.

If it happens again, i’ll send the report.

Updated tvOS to final 11.2 today and everything is fine

Awesome! Thanks for following up.

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