AppleTV not working after aTV Flash installation


i seem to have bricked my AppleTV. After installing aTV Flash, the screen displays a distorted apple logo, although i hear the music of the flying tv-screens while booting… i tried to boot into restore mode to do a factory reset, but did not get to the menu as the distorted apple logo stays on the screen…
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thx in advance,

You may want to check your video connections. This has been seen before, however it was related to a faulty HDMI port and not aTV Flash.

How old is the AppleTV?

Thx for the reply…

The atv is brand new, bought on monday.
I checked the video connections and tried the hdmi cable with different devices, working fine with any but the atv.
Then i removed the hdmi-cable and tried component instead, resulting only in a black screen.
Any other ideas, or, if not,is there any way to remove aTV Flash (aka do a factory restore) without seeing screen output before I return the atv to the store?
I can login via ssh as “frontrow”…

Merry Christmas!

Ok, please send us an email and we can help troubleshoot further.

I never got same problem. I’ve been using my mac and its good. check your store for it. maybe its the equipment problem and not the aTV.