AppleTV Not Responding! Help!

I have been using aTV Flash for a few months now and this has never happened before. I turned on my aTV and watched a video on sapphire. I went to the other room and when I came back, the screen had my album covers on it so I pressed the menu button on my remote. Nothing happens. All I see is the little light on the aTV turn from orange to white when I press the buttons on the remote. I cannot even do a reset. If I unplug and plug back in it goes to the menu but the buttons still do nothing. Also my aTV seems very hot to the touch. Here’s the weird thing, iTunes still sees my aTV and syncs fine. My FTP client still works too.

Please Help! Thanks.

What version of Apple TV software, and aTV Flash are you running?

I’m running 2.1 AppleTV and aTV Flash 3.2 (I upgraded from 3.1.1) Here’s the crazy thing, my new iPhone 3G still works as a remote for my AppleTV. I can browse the artists and albums, and play, pause, and fast forward. But only on my iPhone. The little light on the AppleTV reacts to the pressing of the Apple remote, but the menu doesn’t pop up. And again, the top of my AppleTV is quite hot(this might be normal since there is no fan). I tried reinstalling 3.2 and the install worked, but the remote still does nothing. I also tried the Apple remote that came with my MacBook. No dice. The thing I really hate is that I have to unplug my AppleTV to turn it off. :x

Any Help Would Be Great. Thanks. :cry:

Battery empty?
Or the remote is changed and not linked?

I tried 2 different Apple remotes. I don’t know if I linked the original remote.

Similar situation here after install – AppleTV completely unresponsive to either of my two Apple remotes, both of which work fine with my iMac and are not paired to it. (Not paired to the iMac, that is. One of the remotes was paired to the AppleTV but now I’m not sure which one.) I do get a yellow light flash on the front of the AppleTV with the press of any button on either remote.

I did a virgin install of aTV Flash v3.2.1 (just purchased today) onto an AppleTV running 2.1 software. Used fully updated OS X Leopard 10.5.4 to make the installer on a SanDisk Cruzer 1 GB drive.

Installation seemed to work fine – got the confirmation; restarted AppleTV by unplugging because immediately the remote wouldn’t work. It started up and took a couple tries to get through the launch video – dropping back to the Apple logo periodically. When it finally finished booting up, the menu screen appeared with the new aTV Flash menu options but I of course couldn’t access them. Did a couple more power cycles with the same result.

AppleTV shows up and syncs in iTunes; I can access it via FTP; and the Remote app on my iPhone controls it just fine. But I can’t even restore the AppleTV to factory state because I can’t access the menus.

Well, at least I’m not the only one with this problem. But yeah, I tried many times and still get no response when I use the Apple remote. I haven’t tried 3.2.1 yet, but I’ll probably get the same result. I hope there’s a fix soon.

Maybe this can help you i had read it there:

That did it dutchboy – thanks! I hadn’t found that post. Hopefully it’ll work for you ButchCivic.